What is airdrop?

Airdrop is almost gratuitous distribution of cryptocurrency. That is called almost because the function of airdrop is primarily to advertise its cryptocurrency, but this is only one of the possible purpose for the "free" distribution, this also includes: community support, marketing, tokens for a certain activity. Is it possible to make money on airdrop? Yes, you can. But this will take time and patience, also you have to use some analytical skills to search for more profitable airdrops, as well as subscribe to newsletters on airdrops in various social networks, for example, in our telegram channel. This type of earnings can be permanent for patient and lucky people who know how to search and filter information and in order to save you time, we have collected all the relevant distributions on this page.

Xprivate Chat

Price : $ 10

Maya Preferred 223

Price : $ 27


Price : $ 40
13 days